Why monetigo?

Do you own a website, a blog, a fanpage or do you have access to an e-mail database? Do you want to make good money on them?

Register with monetigo - a platform that connects you with the advertisers. We don't require exclusivity. Sell your advertising space to many advertisers.Without intermediaries!

We provide you with

Affiliate programs – directly

When signing up to the Affiliate Programs Platform monetigo, you get access to affiliate programs directly from the Advertiser.

High earnings

Boost your income and register with monetigo - a new channel for acquiring advertisers. Your advertising space will be used effectively and you will be able to decide by yourself on how much you will earn on it.

Prompt withdrawals

As soon as you reach the minimum of withdrawal in a particular affiliate program, you can demand to be paid your earned funds.

Extensive statistics available 24/7

With the Publisher’s panel, you gain 24/7 access to complete statistics of your activities. Through that, you can control your earnings and optimize your marketing activities on a regular basis.

Programs and campaigns

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How to start cooperation?

Joining an affiliate program with monetigo is extremely easy!

You can do it in just three steps – see for yourself!
  • Register with the monetigo Platform as the Publisher
    Registration and use of the platform for publishers is free. You give us only the basic data.

  • Wait for the activation e-mail.
    After clicking on the activation link you are an active publisher.

  • Sign in to the monetigo Platform’s panel.
    Use our affiliate programs.

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