How does it work?

Configuration of Affiliate Programs

  • Setting the target and the duration of the campaign
  • Choosing the revenue model (e.g. CPS, CPL, CPC, CPM)
  • Setting limits of activities, time and budget
  • Defining the currency of settlement – real currencies, virtual currencies, points, material prizes, vouchers, etc.
  • Setting the payment’s threshold (the minimum amount of money that the Publisher can withdraw)
  • Choosing the type of activation of the Publisher (automatic or manual)
  • Publishing advertising materials

Cooperation with Publishers

  • Inviting Publishers to your programs
  • Using built-in tools for communicating with Publishers: newsletter, web messages, FAQ
  • Choosing Publishers in terms of reaching the target group
  • Monitoring Publishers’ activities through extensive online statistics
  • Inviting existing partners to cooperation involving monetigo
  • Creating private programs available only for selected Publishers (with the Business package)


  • Getting SaaS access to the tool
  • We take care of the stability of the platform’s tools and, at the same time, we develop the list of its functions
  • You are offered the possibility to establish your own affiliate network, involving the monetigo tool in a dedicated edition, in a selected domain and with an individual layout
  • Additionally, we enable advanced personalization of the platform’s parameters and features according to individual demand

Campaign models

  • Monetigo handles all settlement models: CPA/CPL, CPS, CPC, CPM, as well as hybrid models
  • Set targets of the campaign – choose the most convenient settlement model!

Initiating the cooperation

Launching the Affiliate Program with monetigo is extremely easy!

You can do it in just three steps – see for yourself!
  • Sign up for the monetigo Platform as an Advertiser.
    Registration is, of course, absolutely free. During the registration process, choose the most convenient package for you. Remember that you can always change the package while using the Platform.

  • Wait for the verification of your request.
    We will confirm your personal data and then you will receive an email from us, which will include a link and a password for logging in.

  • Sign in to the monetigo Platform’ panel.
    Po zalogowaniu, możesz skonfigurować i uruchomić swój pierwszy program partnerski i rozpocząć współpracę z wydawcami. Pierwszy miesiąc korzystania z monetigo jest zupełnie darmowy.

These are only three steps – see for yourself!

You can rely on our support at every step of cooperation. We will help you plan advertising campaigns, build good and lasting relationships with a group of Publishers and we will answer all your questions.

Campaign models

Affiliate Programs Platform monetigo enables launching affiliate programs in all settlement models:

CPL (Cost Per Lead)

The Advertiser pays the Publisher for particular actions done by users recommended by him, e.g. signing for a newsletter, completing a survey or a contact form.

You can use this model if you, for example, want to acquire contact data of people, who might potentially be interested in your products or services.

CPS (Cost Per Sale)

The Advertiser pays the Publisher for the shopping done by users recommended by him, most frequently as a percentage of commissions from the purchases.

It is a perfect solution if you, for example, run an e-commerce store. Publishers advertise your products and you pay them, when recommended users make purchases in your shop.

CPC (Cost Per Click)

The Advertiser pays the Publisher for every click on the link a recommended user makes.

It is a good choice of model if you have just launched your website and would like to promote it, to reach new users.

CPM (Cost Per Thousand) (M = 1000)

The Advertiser pays the Publisher for providing 1000 views of the advertisement.

This model is worth using if, apart from promoting a certain product, you want to increase the brand’s recognition or to distinguish from the others with an unconventional graphic advertising campaign.

Hybrid model

The Advertiser pays the Publisher for both clicks (CPC) and actions (CPS or CPL).

It is a solution that may be used when you have several marketing targets and you want to boost both traffic and sales.

For whom?

Affiliate Networks

Are you thinking of creating your own affiliate network or are you looking for a new solution for an already existing business?

Our tool is a verified and stable technology, used by number of advertisers who conduct affiliate marketing activities.

The application allows launching an unlimited number of programs, from which every single one can be settled separately. You can offer your publishers individual rates and you can create dedicated programs for them, which will be visible only for a specific group of publishers.

Marketing agencies

Monetigo gives you the possibility to conduct marketing activities for several customers at the same time, using one intuitive panel.

You can create an unlimited number of advertising campaigns, which you will be able to settle with your publishers with a model convenient for both of you (CPS, CPM, CPC, CPA, CPI).

The extensive statistics panel will allow you to quickly find the most effective forms of advertising, thanks to what your marketing activities will be much more efficient. Monetigo can be easily synchronized with different external marketing tools or API transaction systems.


Monetigo is a perfect solution for companies selling its products or services via the Internet.

Through the application you can create a dedicated affiliate program in just a few easy steps. Then, you can synchronize it with your e-commerce store. Partners can be paid a percentage or a fixed rate of sales, for redirecting an unique user to the store or for doing a certain action, like signing for a newsletter.


Available price packages:

* The above prices do not include VAT of 23%

Extra services

Traffic option – 99zl/month (net) – for one program

Traffic option allows the Advertiser to use monetigo consultants’ help for the daily maintenance of the Affiliate Programs.

Design option

Processing advertising creations – on the client’s order, from the materials provided

Package Description Net price
Basic package To choose from: Double Billboard 750x200, Skyscraper 120x600 or Rectangle 300x250 250 zl
Standard package Double Billboard 750x200 + Skyscraper 120x600 + Rectangle 300x250 600 zl
Plus package Any set of creations Individual pricing

The above prices do not include VAT of 23%

Terms of cooperation
  1. Prices of the BUSINESS package are negotiated individually. In order to receive your prices, please contact us at [email protected]
  2. Every Package of Services may be bought at anytime. The one-month settlement period is 30 days.
  3. The value of the Package is calculated as a multiplication of the unit price of the package, decreased by the entitled discount for the period for which the package was purchased (6% for 6 months or 15% for a year).
  4. Upgrading the package of services is possible at anytime. The Advertiser orders and pays for the newly chosen package, for the chosen period. Features of the higher package become available from the moment of paying for the package.
  5. When the Advertiser has bought another package for a period longer than 30 days, upgrading the package may be done only after paying the difference in prices of the packages.
  6. Downgrading the package is available only after the end of the settlement period, which has been paid.

Your demo

See how easy it can be to conduct your own affiliate program with the monetigo application.
Through this panel, your partners will be able to get information on the programs that you offer, verify statistics, earnings, download affiliate links and advertising materials.

Through this panel you will be able to manage all aspects of an affiliate program and to manage the publishers, operating within your programs.

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